Why use Google Drive?

1. Document Security

With all the conveniences that Google Drive offers, it’s not hard to be worried of its security. Thankfully, Google has installed powerful security features on this product. You’re the one to decide which of the files you’re going to share with others. This means they are restricted to only have access to files you gave them permission to do so. Through the General Audit Tool of Google Drive, you can instantly see other users’ activities involving your files. You can identify who made the latest changes and what those changes are.

These are the top ten best benefits of Google Drive. If you still don’t use Google Drive, you should definitely give it a try. It’s effective, user-friendly, and safe to use. Should you decide to upgrade your storage capacity, you can do this with affordable monthly plans.

In the final analysis, no one said that you should just use one cloud application. Along with other online storage services, you can use Google Drive to exponentially increase your storage space for free. Make sure to try Google Drive and see how it can help you

2. Large Free Storage

Needless to say, Google Drive offers the largest free memory space. As of now, the most popular cloud storage is Dropbox but it only offers free 2GB of storage space. With that being said, the superiority of Google Drive is derived from its generosity of free space. You can also expand your Drive’s memory capacity by simply availing of their monthly plan starting just $2.49 per month. Here are the available plans:

3. File Sharing

Share your files

You don’t have to email your documents but instead you can create a folder that allows you to share files to your friends and colleagues. Sharing files never been this easy. Moreover, you can install the free application from Google that lets you create a shortcut in your desktop to give you instant access to your Google Drive. It’s like having an online folder in your computer. Whatever change you make, it will take effect in Google Drive.

4. Upload And Send Large Files

It’s really annoying when we send large files over the email. You probably have noticed it by now but email lets you attach files with less than 25MB. But with the help of Google Drive, you can easily upload larger files and send it to your contacts. Once you uploaded the file, it will be there for good unless you remove it, of course.

5. Ideal For Business Purposes

Collab with your teammates

Because of the capability of file sharing, you can create a centralized database where every one of your teammates will be able to access. If there be any update from them, they too can easily upload files and documents to Google Drive. This can easily make business communication effective and make sure that your teammates are in the same page.

6. Easy Search

You can upload all your documents, files, photos, PDFs, and many others in your Google Drive. As you increase your storage use, it might get harder to search for your files. Thankfully, Google integrated its search engine technology with its Google Drive. You can use a one-word search as fast as less than a second. Not only that, Google Drive has its innovative optical character recognition (OCR) that lets you search scanned documents and even images without description.

7. Access Files Anywhere And Anytime

Since your files are saved in the online world, you can access them anywhere and anytime you like as long as you have internet connection. Unlike when you save your files in your computer, you should use the same computer to access your files. This is not the case with Google Drive. Even if you use other computer or devices, you can still get to your files in the most convenient ways possible.

8. No Need To Worry About Lost Files


You can back up your important files by uploading them in Google Drive. Even if your primary physical storage device gets corrupted, you can just access the internet and retrieve your lost copy.

9. Synchronize With Your Other Devices


You can access your files almost anywhere. With the use of your computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone, you’ll surely stay in touch with your documents anytime, anywhere. You can even access your files even after you went offline. In addition to this, Should you decide to change a file in your smartphone, the changes made will apply to all other devices.

10. Integrates With Other Google Products

Google is a big company that runs many other networks and products. When you have Google Drive, it’ll automatically integrate Google Docs, Google +, Gmail, and other Google Products.


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