Why you should use Mediafire

MediaFire includes features such as cloud storage, file synchronization between multiple devices and access to stored files via Web browsers and MediaFire Desktop or MediaFire Mobile app. Other features include direct reproduction of different forms of media, such as songs, videos and photos, and an option to collaborate on projects with other users by sharing access to files.

The MediaFire Desktop app supports Windows and Mac OSX operating systems, including support for older versions such as Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.7. This app enables users to share content directly from the desktop and set up a media folder to have the content within it synchronized automatically, allowing immediate access on other devices with the same MediaFire account. The MediaFire Desktop icon in the system tray lets users manage updates and peruse notifications. Another feature includes the option to capture the entire screen, or a small part of it, add annotations and share the screenshot with other users. The mobile version of this app offers similar functionality, and it supports iOS and Android devices.

As of 2015, MediaFire supports the reproduction of over 200 file formats. When sharing files, MediaFire users can invite others to participate in a collaborative effort via social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter. The free plan provides up to 50 gigabytes of storage space, whereas the Professional and Business plans provide 1 and 100 terabytes, respectively.


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